Machine Quilting Guides

Machine Quilting Guides

There are plenty of great books that help quilters learn new skills and techniques.  Below are a few of the most highly recommended!

image of book Foolproof Machine QuiltingFoolproof Machine Quilting

Learn to Use Your Walking Foot Paper-Cut Patterns for No Marking, No Math Simple Stitching for Stunning Results

Learn to create beautiful patterns with the walking foot on your home machine from an award-winning quilter.  Mary Maschuta has been teaching the art of quilting for 20 years, and now brings her knowledge home to you in this comprehensive guide.

You’ll learn an alternative to free motion quilting, with ideas and inspiration that are simple and easy to follow.

29 Reviews:

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Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy: 186 Designs from 8 Simple Shapes

Learn dozens of block-based designs based on simple designs formed with easy shapes image of Free Motion Quilting Made Easy booksuch as loops, ovals, triangles, diamonds, etc.    You’ll learn in workshop style via exercises with step-by-step instructions.

Great for the beginning quilter who wants to complete every detail of the quilt personally.

31 Reviews

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image of Machine Quilting Made Easy bookMachine Quilting Made Easy [Paperback]

Sixteen lessons teach different quilting techniques, such as straight line quilting with a walking foot, freehand style with a darning foot, decorative thread techniques and much more.  There are charts to help you coordinate thread, needle and batting choices and planning guidelines.  Easy exercises help build skills and master techniques.

42 Reviews

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4 star:    (10)
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Machine Quilting: The Basics & Beyond [Hardcover-spiral] image of book Machine Quilting The Basics and Beyond

Written as a primer as well as a reference book, this guide provides the machine quilting novice with projects, patterns, and step-by-step instruction.  The book includes details on how best to use patterns and other accessories used in machine quilting, as well.  More advanced techniques are covered here, too.

7 Reviews

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